How to develop an on-demand beauty services app?

The beauty and wellness industry is one of the most booming sectors globally. As per the stats, around $3,756 is spent by an average woman annually on different beauty services, and still, the number is increasing rapidly. This industry can be channeled to an unbeatable and highly profitable business model by adding an on-demand facility to existing beauty service businesses.

What is an On-demand Beauty Services App?

Nowadays, individuals find it very hectic to visit the beauty salon for regular services and the long waiting times make the situation even harder. Customers require a more effective and efficient solution that carefully satisfies their beauty service's treatment. This is the reason an on-demand beauty service app is required for professional beauty salon services. These apps allow customers to get the desired beauty services done at a convenient time and in the comfort of their homes.

Why invest in an On-demand Beauty Services App?

The beauty and wellness industry is growing at a spectacular rate worldwide. At present, the worth of this industry is more than $532 billion and is predicted to reach $716.6 billion by 2025. The most amazing fact is that an average woman spends more than $225,000 on skincare alone in her lifetime. According to the research, out of the 1.2 million experts, including beauticians, stylists in the US, around 70% makes the use of the mobile application to market themselves and fulfill the customers’ needs.

How an On-demand Beauty Services Mobile App Works?

  • Users require to download the on-demand beauty mobile app.
  • Book an appointment with the nearby stylist from the options available in the app.
  • Once the appointment is confirmed, a stylist will come to the chosen place and time and performs the mentioned services wherever the user wants.

How to Scale Your On-demand Beauty Service App?

Businesses are getting their hands on different ways to ensure customers’ ease of access and satisfaction. Here are some of the ways to scale their businesses with the help of Beauty App Development Company in Chicago, USA:

1. Addition of new categories

It is more than crucial for businesses to provide an array of services right on one platform. More and more new categories like aquatic therapy, laser, nutrition consulting, etc., need to be added to fulfill customers’ various needs. This will also allow service providers to attract more potential customers in the beauty marketplace.

2. Integrating an e-commerce platform

From checking various beauty products to adding them to a wish list for direct purchase, companies can get it all done by integrating an e-Commerce edge. Selling beauty products by adding an online store further helps businesses to achieve a competitive advantage.

3. Exploring a new market

Are you looking to expand the customer base with on-demand beauty service mobile apps? So why not unleash more business perks by entering a new geographical market.

What Advanced Features should be included in an On-Demand Beauty Service App?

Social Signup/ Login

Everyone finds it convenient to connect with any new brand if they experience the ease of access and flexibility. Businesses are also turning this to their advantage by allowing users to quickly signup through their social media accounts.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are a clever messaging-based tactic that allows businesses to have better connectivity with their current users and expand their scope to market their services/ products to undiscovered prospects. From sharing beauty hacks to upcoming giveaways and sale offers, businesses can directly send mobile notifications to those customers who’ve downloaded their app.

Service Review & Rating

Businesses can earn the trust of their customers and increase their brand value using this advanced feature. New customers mostly satisfy their purchase behaviors by going through the picture gallery consisting of product pictures uploaded by the existing users themselves.

In-app Chat with Service Providers

The most exciting feature of on-demand beauty mobile apps is that they help businesses embrace influencer marketing tactics. In-app chats alike modules allow customers to solve their queries and concerns by contacting expert stylists, makeup artists, and beauticians.

PIP Mode Tracking

Businesses are utilizing the Picture in Picture mode feature to ease customers’ entire appointment tracking process. This allows users to check the beautician’s or stylist’s availability in real-time scenarios.


Investing in an on-demand beauty service app is the next big thing that highly scaled businesses and entrepreneurs can leverage to generate revenue. Besides keeping customers’ comfort and choices at the main front, beauty & wellness on-demand mobile apps also significantly enhance business sales. If you are looking to find a perfect balance of marketing and revenue for your beauty business, then get in contact with the best beauty mobile app development company in Chicago right away.

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